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Questions About Bonding Services in Odessa, TX

What Exactly is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a promise to the legal system that whoever is posting bail must also be responsible for the defendant while the case is pending. This means, if Ace Bonding posts bail for a client, it is our responsibility to make sure that they attend every required court date or they may return to jail for failure to attend. However, returning back to jail requires even more legal fees and other expenditures for the client, which they are ultimately responsible for.
Is the Client Really in the Custody of Ace Bonding Following Their Release?

Yes, the bail was a promise to the courts that Ace Bonding is now fully responsible for the defendant. However, if this promise is broken, it will have consequences for the defendant, not the individual who posted bail. 
How Much Does Bail Cost?

The standard premium is about 10% of the bond.
I’ve seen bail agencies state 0% down, is this legitimate?

Bail agencies wouldn’t be able to give away free bail without going out of business. These companies usually will take a lien on your home and also require monthly payments until the debt is paid. Cases of 0% down require the lendee to always make payments on time to cover the bail premium. Otherwise, the lendee may need to return to jail and also owe fugitive recovery agent fees and court fees, as well as the premium.
Is Collateral Always Necessary?

High bail amounts will sometimes require collateral when it is necessary. However, every case is unique, so be sure to discuss this with one of our representatives.
What if The Defendant Does Not Show Up to Required Court Dates?

If the defendant fails to show up to mandatory court dates, the court will issue a warrant for their arrest. Ace Bonding will receive notice and we will be happy to assist you in either reinstating the bail with the court or surrendering the defendant back into custody.
What If the Defendant Is Re-Arrested in A Different County or State?

Call us right away. We can make sure you are protected if you contact us as soon as possible.
How Long Does It Take to be Released After Bail is Posted?

It depends on the size of the jail, police department or detention center. Small police departments could release a defendant anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour after bail, a medium-sized detention center could take 6 to 8 hours and a jail facility could take as long as 12-24 hours. County jail residents are normally released within 6 to 8 hours.
Are There Any Additional Legal Fees?

If the defendant does not show up to required court dates, they will need to pay excess legal fees. If the defendant failed to appear due to a valid excuse, the bond may be reinstated. Court fees vary depending on the situation but can cost anywhere from $282 and up. If a motion has been filed to vacate the forfeiture, the defendant is responsible for all legal fees. 
What if the Defendant has a Warrant?

Although each case is drastically different, we can usually clear warrants with the court and set a new court date. For a felony without pre-set, bonds can be taken before the judge for pre-magistration to get booked, processed and released the same day (Monday-Friday only).
What happens if a person is released on bail, but the case is dismissed? Do I still owe the premium?

Yes, if you hired a bail company to post bail for a defendant. Commission is earned once the defendant is released on a bail bond. Nonetheless, bail bond companies have no way of knowing whether or not the District Attorney is going to file a case or not.

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